Life Changes in 2018

Plan Ahead For Real Estate Needs

Are you or someone in your family undertaking a big life change this year? If there is someone retiring, getting married or splitting up, joining the family or changing jobs this year, it’s a great time to reassess your housing needs.

Retirement. A change in job status might mean relocation and downsizing, or it might mean staying put to keep expenses down and steady, since they are known.

Marriage status. Combining households can mean the sale of one, or even two residences, and maybe the purchase of a new home together to start off married life. Divorce and separation can mean the same thing in terms of selling a home and finding two new places to live.

Growing families. Whether you’re adding a baby or an elderly family member to the household, you may require a new home. Also, consider that as the kids get older, housing needs evolve. Even adding a pet (such as a large breed dog) can change how your house feels, suddenly taking it from cozy to crowded.

Job change. If you plan to switch jobs or someone in the household is entering or re-entering the workforce, commute times can be affected by where you live or your proximity to available public transportation/carpooling.

If your household is undergoing life changes, check in with us to talk real estate. We’d be happy to discuss your housing needs in confidence.

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