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Why Finding A Motivated Seller Is Important For Home Buyers

In a market where there are more buyers than homes available for sale, it can be next to impossible to have your purchase offer result in a home purchase. So, if you’re serious about buying, you need to be a bit crafty when it comes to finding a home in a sellers’ market.

What’s the secret? Find a motivated seller. A seller whose situation requires immediate action: relocation for work, death in the family/estate sale, divorce, financial issues, a property that has been on the market for a long while, or a complicated fixer-upper.

  • Keep in mind the advantages of finding motivated sellers:
  • They want to sell their home immediately.
  • They want to move out or move on as soon as possible.
  • They will quickly respond to all offers.

Appeal to the needs of a motivated seller:

  • Your purchase offer must be accompanied by a mortgage pre-approval letter so there are no financing hiccups.
  • Be flexible on closing date—settling early if they want to get out fast or waiting if they need to stay put for a bit longer.
  • Have your inspectors lined up and ready to go once that purchase offer is signed.
  • Respond to sellers’ agent’s questions promptly.
  • Show you’re serious with a larger earnest deposit.
  • Include a personal letter stating why the home appeals to you.

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