5 Key Questions

What Savvy Home Buyers Should Ask Now

1. Is our rent equal to a mortgage payment? If you can afford to buy, owning a home can give you one bonus that renting cannot—lucrative tax breaks:

  • Many buyers may qualify for deductions for payments of mortgage interest, loan discount points and real estate taxes.
  • Home-office deductions for qualified owners.
  • Home-sale capital-gains exclusion—profits up to $500,000 tax-free!

2. Are prices in our preferred area steady? Talk to us to find out the local details.

3. Will our cash go further where homes cost less? By moving to a place where homes are less expensive—and general living costs are lower—your money will go a lot further.

4. Will we live in this home for several years? Financial planners often advise you to think of real estate as you would any other large investment: The longer you hold your home before selling, the higher the probability you’ll make a profit when you sell.

5. Is this the perfect home for us? The schools are fantastic. The proximity to your office, gym and favorite stores can’t be beat. You love the area and the home, and you won’t find another one like it. Remember, in a seller’s market, you’ll have competition for that home and you’ll need to act fast to get it. Talk to us today to get the home you need and want.

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