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Where Best To Spend Your Home Improvement Dollars During The Summer Months

If you’re wondering where your limited remodeling budget will stretch the furthest during the summer months, think about the season.

You definitely don’t want to replace your air conditioning system during the summer when HVAC contractors are busy dealing with those systems. However, if you are in need of a chimney or fireplace repair, summer is a good time to find those experts with a little time on their hands and, perhaps, savings to offer. Any other project that involves heating your home is good to tackle during the summer when those professionals are less in demand.

If you need exterior painting, late summer and early fall are a great time to get it scheduled. The harsh heat of summer is past and the paint will adhere better in milder, less humid temperatures.

Landscaping assessments are best done after the effects of summer are over. Remember that trimming and removing trees and other plants can be scheduled for the winter when arborists are less busy. Add fertilization, seeding and aeration of lawns and attention to landscaped areas to the early fall checklist, too.

Deck and patio maintenance is also better done in late summer. Deck and stone cleaning and sealing is easier to complete in milder temperatures. Contact contractors for prime early fall applications. Any repairs to outside structures are easier scheduled in the early fall when such professionals are less busy.

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