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Buying A Home? Why You Need A Real Estate Pro To Buy A Home Today

A buyer’s agent—like us—works exclusively for you. When you contact the seller’s agent, they are bound by contract to work for the interest of the seller. Anything you openly share with a seller’s agent is likely to be repeated to the sellers—what your budget is, how quickly you need to move, your financial situation, etc.

Fee-free. In most cases, our buying services are free because the home seller will pay us a fee for finding a buyer, splitting the fee with the seller’s agents.

Expertise. We are your local real estate experts. We know the market, the homes and the neighborhoods, and look forward to getting to know you, too!

Negotiation. We will work to get you the lowest price and the best terms for the home you want.

Communication. We will be available for all seller inquiries and advise you on next steps.

Paperwork. We’ll handle the necessary documentation with
the purchase offer and closing/settlement preparation and other required paperwork.

Ease in accessing available homes. When you have us along as your buyer’s agent, we’ll show you the greatest number of homes for sale and allow you to tour them readily.

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